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The Awesome Puppet Company is an emerging voice in the emerging new wave of global puppetry.

Established in Bath, U.K. in 2000, The Awesome Puppet Company draws its inspiration from the myths, metaphors and imagery of the Ancient World; from the creatures and environments of the Natural World; and from the symbols and stories of the Scientific and Digital Age… Spanning the spectrum from Plant and Insect… from Fish to Bird… to Man.

We design and make all our own puppets, coaxing the innate beauty, patterns, and textures from the materials we use. Our puppets come in all sizes - from the very small to the very large - and are intended to inspire through their simplicity of invention and through their creative expressiveness. From the beginning, we have performed shows and run creative workshops for children and adults locally and internationally.

The central idea behind the Awesome project is to offer a transformational experience that entertains, educates, communicates and touches people’s lives. We are committed to promoting global wellbeing based on shared and enduring values; and we also specialize in therapeutic puppetry. We run on a project basis and often invite collaborations with other puppeteers, artists, musicians, therapists, and students.

We welcome you to a remarkable adventure through the land of the imagination, peopled by truly awesome things… open to all…