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  • primitive


    Puppetry invokes our deep residual instincts for the ‘primitive’ and atavistic truths of who we are but don’t always know how - or allow ourselves - to access.
  • dreams


    Puppets are versatile, elusive, and enviable presences that roam effortlessly through cultural and personal territories, following the contours of our subconscious and of our dreams… alluring, disturbing, and renewing
  • fascination


    Puppetry will always hold our fascination because it appeals uniquely and directly to our perennial child-like desire to be surprised and delighted.
  • expression


    Puppets are capable of extremely subtle and sophisticated expression, from protest against the potentially devastating degradation of political and technological fallout to the transforming heights of mankind’s compassion and dignity.
  • magic


    Puppetry creates a magical gateway to the imagination where its creatures and personalities inhabit, embody, and integrate the full expression of the stories, metaphors, intuitions, and enduring values we aspire to and against which we measure ourselves.
  • reality


    Because Puppetry allows us direct and immediate access to the world of the imagination, we are at once invited to inhabit and embody the full range of our reality. At the same time, we are offered the choice of where and how we want to positions ourselves in that reality… comically or indignantly, safely or precariously… finally, always creatively and exhilaratingly.